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Millie's Grooming was established in 2008 after I retrained in dog grooming at Canine Design in Shepton Mallet. Prior to that I was working as a holistic therapist, providing aromatherapy, massage and reiki treatments. I have always had a deep interest in holistic approaches to health and well being so when I first discovered Tellington Touch it made complete sense to me to integrate this practise into my dog grooming. I first came across T Touch when looking for ways to help my own cocker spaniel Millie with a fireworks phobia. I did a two day workshop with Toni Shelbourne who introduced me to these powerful calming techniques, the next time Millie was exposed to firework noise she fell asleep and my mind was blown!

Since then I have completed my Tellington Touch practitioner training at Tilley Farm in somerset, the UK home of Tellington Touch training. Here I was privileged to learn from some amazing instructors and teaching dogs who have given me a deep understanding and respect for the dogs I work with. Tellington touch teaches us to observe and respond to the subtle communication signals dogs use to convey stress, anxiety and fear. Then we are able to apply gentle bodywork techniques and use slow agility type exercises to assist the dog in releasing tension, improving posture and balance, this in turn effects the dogs ability to think and learn therefore bringing about a change in behaviour. Over the years I have been using Tellington touch in a grooming setting, I have been constantly surprised at how different dogs can respond and behave when using the techniques, even when there is a strong history of either trauma or fearful and reactive behaviour in response to grooming. 

Since completing my Tellington Touch practitioner training I have continued to expand my dog training knowledge and have completed many workshops and courses in dog behaviour, positive dog training techniques and up to date canine neuroscience. 

I am also very proud to be a qualified instructor with the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) since August 2019. As a member of the IMDT I am committed to only promote and use force-free positive dog training techniques and help educate owners to better understand and communicate with their dogs.

My combination of skills mean that in a grooming setting I am uniquely placed to assist dogs who have been nervous, fearful or reactive whilst being groomed. My positive handling and training approach is equally valuable in introducing new dogs and puppies who have not been groomed before to build good positive associations and behaviour in the grooming parlour. Though Tellington touch is slowly trickling through to the grooming world, it is not part of most professional grooming courses to include training in dog behaviour, communication and positive handling, therefore most groomers do not have the tools to help dogs that are nervous, anxious or non-compliant resulting in many dogs having negative experiences or associations with the grooming parlour. With a positive approach to training and handling skills it is entirely possible that a dog can have a relaxed and positive approach to being groomed and that is always my wish for every dog that comes into my parlour. 

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