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At Millie's Grooming we aim to provide a high standard full groom service which can include bathing, cutting and styling of your dogs hair, deshedding or stripping of dead coat, ear cleansing and plucking and nail cutting. 

We can advise you of the appropriate grooming treatment for your dog's breed and coat type, also taking into account your dog's temperament and behaviour in the grooming setting.

We are able to tailor a grooming session to include the appropriate training and Tellington Touch tools to help dogs with anxiety and fearful responses, working also with the owner to put in place the necessary training in between grooming session to move the dog forward. 

from £18  per hour


We love introducing dog grooming to puppies in a fun and positive way, using various training and T touch tools we can create a safe supportive environment to allow you puppy discover the different sights, sounds and sensations of the grooming parlour.

Some breeds may need a full groom session every 6-8 weeks for their whole life, so we believe it is so important to make the experience as relaxed and enjoyable as possible and that means starting young, exposing the puppy to short but frequent sessions and building lots of positive associations with the experience so that when they are adult dogs and need longer full groom sessions they are able to cope and feel relaxed about the process.

From £25 per hour


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